New York Run [German edition] 2012



Fort Worth, Staten Island, New York. Beginning of November.
Five degrees Celsius above zero. 26 miles to Central Park.
Brian Harding needs to run again! But this time around he does not voluntarily carry the perfect doping substance in his body.
Forced by the unscrupulous Russian oligarch Stalin he and his friend Christopher Johnson run against time, against elite runners and against discovery of their identity by the NSA.

Stalin’s rules are simple: one of them must win the race. None of them is allowed to stop. Otherwise, the bombs in their shoes will explode. Always tracked by  cameras – the images of the New York City Marathon transferred to the whole world – Brian and Chris have only two hours to save their lives.

The breath-taking sequel to the Marathon thriller Boston Run!


Top reviews:

… has everything that makes a good thriller: tension, action, tempo and jokes. Finally – another book, that deserves being turned into a film [ – former important German book review site]



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