Boston Run [German edition] 2008


Brian Harding has always been a good athlete – but never an outstanding one.

Although the Boston Marathon is only his second race over the twenty-six-mile distance, Brian knows he’s going to win. Because he’s got a new performance-enhancing drug coursing through his veins that gives him almost superhuman stamina. The substance dissipates over the course of the Marathon and will be  completely untraceable at the finishing line. A seemingly perfect plan.

But as Brian pursues the 150,000 Dollar prize money, the NSA pursues Brian. The new drug’s formula is incredibly valuable and NSA Operations Manager Rachel Parker knows she has to get a sample of Brian’s blood before he reaches the finish line.

The hunt is on.


Top reviews:

… a plot like a Hollywood movie [ – important German book review site]

Boston Run is an exciting and thrilling novel with a magnificent ending [ – German book review site with more than 70,000 visits per month]

A Hollywood producer could forget about the screenplay authors and start shooting straight away [ – important Austrian book review site]

Rapidly and tasty [Fit for Life – Swiss magazine]

Anyone who has the Ludlum collection on their shelf, should not miss Boston Run [Science Fiction Club Germany]


also available as audiobook




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