Chicago Run [German edition] 2019



Final sprint of the election campaign for the Presidency of the United States of America. Acting President Langdon is trailing his Republican challenger. But Langdon has a plan. He wants to be the first President to participate in the Chicago Marathon, in order to demonstrate closeness to citizens, self-confidence and stamina in a media-effective manner.

It’s a risky decision that poses a huge challenge to the Secret Service. Because Stalin, Russian oligarch and declared opponent of the USA, had just failed with his master plan at the New York Marathon. Now he is free and looking for revenge.

At the side of the President, Christopher Johnson and Brian Harding, together with a team of specialists, are ready to thwart Stalin’s plans. In the background Elisabeth Bancroft and Rachel Parker try everything to save the President and her men.

But Stalin is already several steps ahead of them.


Top reviews:

Straightforward, always straight ahead … ‘Chicago Run’ is a thriller that does exactly what you expect it to do: It creates suspense from the first page on.  [ – important Austrian book review site]

Lauenroth is a real thriller professional and sets the head cinema masterfully in motion.  [Running – German sports magazine]

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